Monday, January 14, 2013

Master Worship

He pulled me to him and holding my head in hands he stuck his tongue deep
into my mouth, probing and licking. His facial hair tickled my face but I
did not resist. After about a minute he pulled my face away fom his and
unbuttoned his shirt revealing his large nipples and furry chest. "Suck my
nipples boy" he commanded. I took his left nipple in my mouth and licked
and sucked it while he moaned in pleasure. After a couple of minutes he
grabbed my head and pushed my face into his other nipple. I suckled on it
for another few minutes until he seemed satisfied and pulled my head
away. He ordered me to wait where I was as he took off all of his clothes
except for his white briefs and put on a large pair of black leather
boots. He sat back on his couch and ordered me to kneel in front of
him. "Ok boy, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I haven't had a
shower in almost a week and now you are going to use your tongue to lick me
clean starting with my sweaty pits, understand?" "Yes Sir" I answered.

I started with his left pit, it smelled ripe and musty and was dripping
with sweat but I forced my tongue in and kept licking until it no longer
tasted of week-old sweat. From there I moved onto his right pit which was
just as sweaty and did the same, savouring the smell and taste. After that
I licked my way down his hairy chest and stomach until I was licking near
the band of his underwear. When he sensed that I was closed to his groin he
popped his ball-sack out the gap between his underwear and his thigh and
got me to lick his balls too. They were big and sweaty and he was wearing a
cock ring causing them to bulge and press hard against the skin of his


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